Treasures and Alice Fox

You may remember that when we went overseas I planned to collect leaves and treasures and do a bundle a day and microwave them when I had access to one. This is what I took.

ImageWe stayed in Hotels, Guest Houses or Bed and Breakfasts with no microwave, other than once in Edinburgh. So this is all that I achieved.


I was thrilled with the variety of these 6 rectangles, that are enough to sew into a cushion top as a souvenir.

The dark marks were from found metal or bottle tops.

One of my favorite artists and whose blog I follow is English artist Alice Fox who recently had an exhibition called ‘Gifts from the Pavement’.  Her observations, images, marks and discarded objects from around  the streets of Saltaire, West Yorkshire form the basis of this exhibition.

The natural world is her inspiration and she works mainly on paper and cloth. She has some lovely Pinterest boards.

Alice was Artist in Residence at Spurn National Nature Reserve, East Yorkshire during 2012. Over a six-month period she engaged with and responded creatively to the unique landscape of Spurn culminating in an exhibition.

She inspired me to do my residency at the Arboretum, so thanks Alice.

More next time of the bundles that I left brewing while I was away.



Tuesday at the Park

The wood circle had grown a little…

Wood circle 150513

The fog hardly lifted all day.

Fog over pond


You can just make out the outline of Mount Pirongia on the horizon at 2.30pm!



I had bundles to unwrap. 

Bundles to unwrap 140513


And was thrilled with the results.  Autumn leaves, from memory red maple, on silk boiled with Juglans cinerea…see last weeks post. Will definitely be using this again and have a friend collecting more from a tree in Matamata.



This is mordanted cotton (soya milk) with liquid amber leaves in red maple leaf pot.



Oak leaves rolled on mordanted wool (alum and cream of tartar) boiled in oak leaves.



The Swamp Cypress are the stars this week. These are beside the stage at the Quarry Pond.


Swamp Cypress


And Crysanthamums which always flower around Mothers Day.



Aside from the stunning sculptures dotted around the park (more to come soon) there are always new surprises to delight created by visitors.


P1190688The sun trying hard to shine through at 4pm!



Autumn at the Park

I love my commute to the Sculpture Park on Thursdays. It’s just a 25 minute drive from my home and just 7 kms from SH26.

SH26 SignageI look forward to seeing the progress on the wood circle. It has grown just a little during the week.

Wood circleI enjoy seeing the produce at the roadside stalls and am spoilt for choice…

Feijoas and Apples

Chestnuts and Kumi Kumi
Persimmmons and Quinces

Apples Pears


The most intriguing is the variety at this one stall…

Pony Poo

Puppies for sale

Doves for saleAs usual the autumn colour had changed a lot, with the Rhus finished,

P1190517and the star of the pond last week the Tupelo had shed alot of leaves.

P1190569I was looking forward to opening last weeks bundles

Bundlesand was very excited to discover that the Raupo Reed

Raupo Reedthat I had used to roll a bundle gave a nice rusty color, together with oak leaves and scrap metal on Habotai silk.

P1190528Other results were not that startling so will over dye them.

P1190532John explained about an impressive plant in the Rock garden Furcrea foetida, that has flowers on a stem that is about 12 metres tall.


P1190543He gave me some Juglans husk butternut, that looked very much like a walnut in the husk but with a prickly shell.

P1190560I see on Wikipedia that they are Juglans cinerea, a white walnut, and as Eucalyptus cinerea gives us such a wonderful orangy colour, I am excited about boiling these up next week. I have left them soaking.

I explored the orchard area and found some stunning Red Maples so put a pot of them on.

Red Mapleand a pot of Persimmon leaves and fruit.

PersimmonsI have a pot of Eucalyptus cinerea soaking for next week and as usual I left several pots for visitors to investigate.