Treasures and Alice Fox

You may remember that when we went overseas I planned to collect leaves and treasures and do a bundle a day and microwave them when I had access to one. This is what I took.

ImageWe stayed in Hotels, Guest Houses or Bed and Breakfasts with no microwave, other than once in Edinburgh. So this is all that I achieved.


I was thrilled with the variety of these 6 rectangles, that are enough to sew into a cushion top as a souvenir.

The dark marks were from found metal or bottle tops.

One of my favorite artists and whose blog I follow is English artist Alice Fox who recently had an exhibition called ‘Gifts from the Pavement’.  Her observations, images, marks and discarded objects from around  the streets of Saltaire, West Yorkshire form the basis of this exhibition.

The natural world is her inspiration and she works mainly on paper and cloth. She has some lovely Pinterest boards.

Alice was Artist in Residence at Spurn National Nature Reserve, East Yorkshire during 2012. Over a six-month period she engaged with and responded creatively to the unique landscape of Spurn culminating in an exhibition.

She inspired me to do my residency at the Arboretum, so thanks Alice.

More next time of the bundles that I left brewing while I was away.