My portrait in stitch

We are home after a fantastic holiday to UK and Italy and settling into routine again.

I will tell you some of our travel highlights but firstly my favourite textile highlight was having my portrait stitched in the Greenwich Markets, London, by a lovely young artist Harriet Riddell who specialises in observational drawings in stitch. While studying Contemporary Applied Arts at the University of Herefordshire she began machine stitching in her life drawing classes!!


She sets her machine up in random places like cafes pubs, trains, launderettes and narrates her surroundings in stitch.

One project involved her stitching individuals while they pedaled a bike to generate the power for her sewing machine! And stitching in a forest using a generator.

For me this was a unique and memorable experience. For  20 quid I sat for 15 minutes while she stitched and we chatted.


She had a bag of scrap fabric and had an excellent match for my new Scottish scarf and turquoise heart pendant.

And this is the result. What do you think?


Be sure to check out this enterprising young artists website documenting her projects and portraits.


5 thoughts on “My portrait in stitch

  1. Hi Marion,

    What a great concept. Thank you for sharing it. Don’t know about you, but after I returned from Europe after 8 weeks in early August, I struggled to get motivated for about 3 weeks.



  2. What a great idea, an interprising young women. It looks great. I did this exercise at a class a few yaers ago. You did it with a partner so you ended up with her interpretation. It was great fun.

  3. Yesterday I finally put together some old blankets and interesting stuff to create coloured pattern for our challenge for NP. It won’t get 5 weeks to soak!

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