A gift to myself

My husband and I are going to London tomorrow and get to catch up with both of our adult children. We will travel Scotland and Ireland together as a family and then we go on to Italy, so it’s countdown now.

I have been in touch with Monika from red2white blog who does amazing natural dyeing and lives in the Western highlands of Scotland. If we are in the area and she is available it would be great to connect.

I was tidying up my dyeing materials and found a bucket of Eucalyptus cinerea that had been soaking for about 3 months, it was a bit slimy and smelly! I also found a pot of Tupelo leaves soaking and another pot of Tanekaha that had been soaking for about the same time and other random collections of foliage.

So I have given myself a gift for when I return at the end of September and done about 12  bundles to leave soaking.

As all natural dyers know, time is your friend. The longer bundles are left the deeper the colour usually. So now they have an enforced 5 week soaking period and I won’t be here to be tempted to open them!


Some were wound on PVC pipe, some on iron pipe, one on a rusty can – see notjustnat blog of 8 August for her great results.


IMG_1122I also rolled a pre mordanted wool blanket (alum and cream of tartar) with eucalyptus cinerea and have it boiling in a brass preserving pan now. It will probably steam as it does not quite fit in.



I am taking 33  zip lock bags, 33 small oblongs of cloth, two wooden dowel rods and string. I plan to collect treasurers each day and do a bundle a day and microwave them when I have access to one. And no I won’t be taking leaves between countries!!


So that’s it from me for 5 weeks or so.  I’ll have some interesting reports when I return.


6 thoughts on “A gift to myself

  1. I look forward to seeing your bundles left behind and also your wee traveling samples Marion….have the best time! Bon Voyage!!!

  2. HAVE A WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL TIME!! Travel safely. We have 2 weeks in Noosa…looking forward to some sun. X Louise

  3. Have a wonderful trip Marion! Love you style, dyeing before you leave. I do that every time I go away. Can’t wait to see all your bundles unwrapped when you get back. Meeting up with Monika would be terrific! I love her work too. If you can’t find microwave oven, you can use soak bundles in zip-lock bags and soak them in boiling water. Take the bags with you in the country as long as you can before open them. Have fun! So jealous of you!!! Hugs Nat

  4. Morning from me….How are you getting on with your CV plus? I was hoping to draft something before Friday when we are off to HB for 4 days. Could I have something by Thursday morning if possible? Sorry to hassle you. X Louise

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