Around town in Taupo

We struck Taupo at her winters best.


Two lovely galleries sit side by side in Heu Heu street.

Kura Gallery specialises in contemporary ethnic art. They had a tempting  selection of jewelry, NZ prints and much more.

Kura Gallery

Zea You on the corner, is a larger space that specialises in paintings, sculptures, bronze, jewellery and has a stunning selection of cast and blown glass.

Zea You Gallery

These galleries are right next to a ‘must stop’ cafe and kitchen ware store ‘Replete’.

Also in Heu Heu Street a few blocks down from the galleries is The French Cafe, serving authentic French fare.  Check out the size of my delicious omelette.

Brunch at the French Cafe

Along the Lake front, shining in the sun against a foggy back drop, is a sculpture by my friend, Hamilton cast glass artist Colleen Ryan-Priest.  ‘Swell’ is a wind wave sculpture presented to the people of Taupo by the Taupo Sculpture Trust.

Swell by Colleen Ryan-Priest

Swell by Colleen Ryan-Priest

The Taupo Museum’s Ora Garden of well-being is a tranquil oasis, with native planting and includes a silica thermal terrace and a hot mineral pool.

Ora Garden

Those were some of my highlights in Taupo.


One thought on “Around town in Taupo

  1. I agree. Staying in Taupo and seeing the beautiful lake with the mountain as a backdrop has made me have a love affair with the place.

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